Our Team

Our team includes personnel with a unique blend of client and agency-side experience in product development, market development, marketing and senior management roles.

Together, we have more than 40 years experience and have amassed considerable experience in delivering consumer-led insights in Australasia, UK & Europe and also Asia.

Sarah McKenzie


20 years of experience in uncovering insights that drive successful NPD, Sarah's passion for all things food and beverage is as strong as ever

Phone: +64 21 922 132 | Email: sarah@futurescape.co.nz

Errol McKenzie


Brings his vast general management experience along with coffee for the team. Completely unflappable unless the All Blacks are losing

Fleur Sligo

Head of Qualitative Research

Our passionate and articulate qualitative researcher who is most in her element when running a focus group or on-line forum 

Phone: +64 21 922 131 | Email: errol@futurescape.co.nz
Phone: +64 21 055 9610 | Email: fleur@futurescape.co.nz

Kaye Au-Duong

Project Manager

Our organiser extraordinaire! Her patience and attention to detail are second to none, but what really gets the rest of us salivating are her delicious, home-cooked lunches. 

Livio Godinich

Data Analyst

Our numbers cruncher who never fails to make the office laugh with his witty sense of humor

Jan Stone


The lady who always gets the job done and is expert at hunting down the 'typical' consumer no matter how elusive they are - no wonder she's partial to a good G&T

Phone: +64 9 309 5377 | Email: kaye@futurescape.co.nz
Phone: +64 9 309 5377 | Email: livio@futurescape.co.nz
Phone: +64 22 GO TASTE (468 2783) |
Email: field@futurescape.co.nz

Jenni Catley


The one who works into the wee small hours (with the help of an energy drink or two) digging deep into the nitty gritty of consumer commentary

Phone: +64 9 309 5377 | Email: jenni@futurescape.co.nz

Miriam Taylor

Research Consultant

15 years of marketing and research hasn't dimmed Miriam's high-spirited enthusiasm and passion for life (and Thai food)

Phone: +64 9 309 5377 | Email: miriam@futurescape.co.nz