For the purposes of this Privacy Statement, “we” means Futurescape Global Ltd.

As a member of any Futurescape Research Panel (including, but not limited to Moochers, JuJam, the Futurescape Tasting Panel and any panel Futurescape runs on behalf of / in partnership with a client) we are committed to maintaining your privacy and anonymity. When you join any Futurescape Research Panel your personal information and responses are treated as completely confidential.

When we run surveys and ask for your opinion your responses are aggregated. This way, we don’t link your contact details to your responses and your anonymity is preserved.

Your trust in Futurescape is a responsibility we honour.

Here are the other commitments we make to you:

  • We will not make any personal information of our panel members available to anyone without permission, except in the rare instances required by law. This includes your name, address, phone number, and e-mail address.
  • We will not use your contact details from your panel membership to try to sell you anything. Also, we will not provide your contact details to anyone else who might try to sell you anything.
  • We unequivocally promise to hold details of your participation on any Futurescape Research Panel in strictest confidence.
  • We will only use the contact information you give us to contact you regarding participation in surveys, to validate information you have given, or to provide information on incentives or updates, developments and new initiatives. Very occasionally we may use your contact information to ask your permission to take part in other activities.
  • At any time you can update your membership details by contacting us on
  • You can unsubscribe from any of our panels at any time by contacting us on and putting unsubscribe from [the panel name] in the subject line of the email.

Finally, as is the case with any information you provide to any business operating in New Zealand, information provided to Futurescape is subject to disclosure if we receive a judicial or other Government subpoena, warrant or order. 

Any enquiries regarding this Privacy Statement can be sent to